zookeeper 3.3.4中的zkServer.sh

近日在Red Hat Linux上安装zookeeper 3.3.4版本,发现zkServer.sh脚本中关于status的写法有点问题,总是提示服务未运行。查看代码,发现脚本中使用了 -q 参数,但这个参数在笔者的nc命令中,不支持。

# -q is necessary on some versions of linux where nc returns too quickly, and no stat result is output
STAT=`echo stat | nc -q 1 localhost $(grep “^[[:space:]]*clientPort” “$ZOOCFG” | sed -e ‘s/.*=//’) 2> /dev/null| grep Mode`
if [ "x$STAT" = "x" ]
echo “Error contacting service. It is probably not running.”
exit 1
echo $STAT
exit 0

去掉-q参数,同时去掉最后的“grep Mode”,使输出结果信息更丰富:

STAT=`echo stat | nc localhost $(grep “^[[:space:]]*clientPort” “$ZOOCFG” | sed -e ‘s/.*=//’) 2> /dev/null`


[admin@vm-dw-141-70 bin]$ ./zkServer.sh status
JMX enabled by default
Using config: /home/admin/zookeeper-3.3.4/bin/../conf/zoo.cfg
Zookeeper version: 3.3.3-1203054, built on 11/17/2011 05:47 GMT Clients: /[0](queued=0,recved=1,sent=0) Latency min/avg/max: 0/3/16 Received: 11 Sent: 10 Outstanding: 0 Zxid: 0×100000008 Mode: leader Node count: 4

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